3 Ways to Save Your Brand Equity During Critical Situation

3 Ways to Save Your Brand Equity During Critical Situation

Your brand might receive bad comments or feedback from the customers. You need to satisfy every customer although you are not born to satisfy everyone. Every brand will go through a critical situation which includes boycott or customers complaining about your brand in the social media application. There might be some bad news that gone viral because of misunderstanding or rumors. You need to save your brand equity before it is too late.

There are a few ways that you can apply to your brand during critical situations:

1. Contact the customers who complain immediately

When your brand did not satisfy your customers, they complain to voice out their anger which can destroy your brand equity. Remember to reply to customers’ comment and provide solutions to gain their trust through private messages or on social media posts. They will feel your sincere apologies if you contact them immediately when there is a critical situation. When there is a mistake, fix it immediately before you regret it.

2.  No excuses

When there is a mistake from your employees, do not afraid to admit it. Do not keep empty promises to your customers. Updates your customers about your progress as soon as possible. Do not use the excuse of “In the progress” as this seems to be insincere and lazy. You need to make sure that you achieve your promises as your brand equity will depend on your actions.

3. Use every communication channel to announce your apology

There might a coincidence that your annoyed customers did not read your apology message in one of the social media channels. To avoid further misunderstanding, you need to build your brand equity and make sure that your brand is well known for its trustworthiness.

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