Familiar With These Ingredients In Your Daily Skincare? They’re Actually Do More Harm Than Good For Your Skin

Your skin may appear healthy or at times would experience breakout out of the blue, and those might be triggered by the products you used in your routine. Although it’s affordable or you’ve been hearing good reviews about it, your skin might cope differently and you have to continuously do trial-and-error until you found the perfect routine to treat your skin. However, your skin needs the health it deserves, even when working in social marketing services Malaysia, and these are the ingredients you probably heard of or encountered often but did not know the dangers it does to your skin.

    1)  Paraben

Paraben is a chemical preservative usually found in a wide array of skincare products such as moisturizers. It is included among other ingredients to halt bacterial growth in these products. The downside of paraben is an excessive amount of it can lead to breast cancer. Study has shown the presence of paraben in breast tumours because it can mimic the activity of hormone oestrogen. Not only does it affect the skin, but your body may fall victim to it as well.

     2)   Parfum

Try not to fall victim over how perfectly scented your products are, because it can actually give your skin the bad news! Fragrances have a lot of unknown toxic chemicals that can do more damage, such as irritating the skin, causing toxic hormonal effects and worse, can lead to cancer.

     3)   Alcohol

Do not be fooled by how light your skin feels because this particular ingredient can cause great negative outcomes on your skin.

There are two types of alcohol: the good, and the bad. Of course, the bad guys commonly found in skincare products are methanol, isopropyl alcohol, propanol, benzyl alcohol and alcohol denat. These kinds of alcohol destroy the protective layer of the skin and eliminate substances that contribute to your skin’s health. Alcohol can extremely dry the skin to the point that it can cause inflammation and strip off the natural oils, which can rapidly grow acne.

Be careful when picking up your favourite toner as most of them contain these types of alcohol.

4)   Petrolatum

You’ve seen this ingredient a lot in petroleum jellies such as Vaseline. Petrolatum is considered non-toxic and is universally safe to use, however, EWG rated this as moderately hazardous when it comes to safety. Thus, any products with petrolatum content need more study on its safe use. There is a risk of contamination from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which is a cancer-causing chemical found in crude oil and its by-products. Although petrolatum is effective for skin-healing, it still holds risk for fungi growth due to its moist nature.

5)   Phenoxyethanol

Like alcohol, phenoxyethanol is very dangerous when absorbed through the skin as it can affect the brain and the central nervous system. It can also irritate eyes and blisters on skin. Although this ingredient is an antibacterial agent and is only used in small amounts in skincare products so as to not harm the skin, repetitive usage in a day can elevate the bad effects.

Are any of these ingredients a part of your skincare products? It is best to change up your game and go for the safest one for the sake of your skin and body. Keep an eye out to ensure the longevity of healthy, supple skin.