How To Know If You Are Ready to Walk Down the Aisle

How To Know If You Are Ready to Walk Down the Aisle

You must be contemplating right now if it is the right time to walk the aisle or to have a wedding. Yes, you have probably found Mr. Right and you have been together for quite some time now. However, even if you feel like you are already ripe to make a big leap, you have to consider a lot of things first as after the wedding, you cannot back out anymore no matter if you feel like you are not ready yet after all. You have to play the role you willingly get yourself into. Well, you have to consider the food that you eat too if your partner has the same taste or not. Don’t check your partner’s phone as well as that would mean you don’t trust him.

Indeed, it is best to check first if you are really now for a more serious relationship. To do that, here are some pointers:

You have to love and be happy with yourself.

That is the only way that you can also be happy with another person. If that is the case right now, it is best to delay the marriage, or it might only cause troubles in the future. You surely don’t want your future partner to know that you are a bit insecure about yourself as that might put him off.

You already know why you want to get married.

You think you are really ready for it and it is not just because all your friends are already married or that you think you have found Mr. Right already. You already think this is the right time and you can already imagine the many benefits you think you get after the wedding.

You can easily get sentimental when you hear love songs when before, you easily feel yucky.

You even tease those who have the same reaction as you have now as you feel they are too soft or that they are simply weird.

You have the marriage in mind and not the wedding alone.

Well, let’s not be hypocrite! Of course even if you are indeed ripe for marriage, you can’t help but get excited when planning for your wedding. But then again, if you are also contemplating in your life together with your future husband, then you can be indeed mature enough to start a new chapter of your life.

You are contented with the man beside you now.

You are not searching for anyone anymore and you even deleted those dating apps you use to have in your phone. You feel that the one beside you right now is already perfect and is even one of the reasons you think you are ready to take the next step.

You are at the right age to get married.

Well, others say that there is no right age and that if you feel you are mature already, then you can get married. However, marrying when you are still too young means you are not that ripe yet. You might miss your singleness and might only resent your husband because of it in the future.

You are already mature when it comes to handling arguments.

Immature people don’t listen to the other party like they just yell and yell and will talk at the same time when the other is still explaining things. And once the argument is becoming too intense, that’s when she will just leave. You are not like that anymore and you also know how to listen.

Yes, you are the best person who can tell if you are already mature enough to plan for wedding.

As long as you are in the right age, you love the man you are with right now and you are also financially stable, then why not!

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