News Mobile Apps In Malaysia

In this era of technology, all things are at their fingertips because it is easier that way. This also includes the newspaper. Back then, we must buy newspapers to know about the news because we might miss the news on television or do not have a television at all. The disadvantage when you buy newspapers is the news is outdated. The event already happens about one or two days or maybe one or two weeks. We all should be thankful for this era of technology because it makes everything digital. If you do not know yet, in Malaysia there are already news mobile apps and surprisingly many people support them. Let’s see together the list of news mobile apps in Malaysia and you might be interested to download it and use it to learn new news. 

  1. The Star Epaper

The Star Epaper is a free news app and it is available on Apple, Android and Windows but you need to subscribe to the news yearly or monthly that costs you about RM360 per year or RM30 per month. If you do not have time to read it, you also can use the audio reader. It will make it easier to know the current news even though you do not have time to read it like you are driving or do housework. For those who are still thinking to subscribe to the news or not you can ask for a free trial first. 

  1. News Straits Times Digital

News Straits Times also known as NST is kind of similar like The Star but it is free to download for Apple and Android only. For NST Digital it costs about RM 0.99 for one copy and if you want to save more you can subscribe per week that will cost you RM 4.99 or maybe you want to subscribe per month that will cost you RM 12.99. For your information, NST Digital app made a section for video content and you also can save any article that you want for future reference. You also can read while you are offline and you can easily adjust the font size like you want. 

  1. The Malaysian Insider

The Malaysian Insider is free for apple and android users and the content is also free. It covers issues like politics, business, lifestyle, sport, and entertainment. This app also gives you access to the online news student portal. For your information, The Malaysian Insider is also known as TMI or The Insider and it is a news web multilanguage that is quite popular in Malaysia. If you like to know what you can do using Google, click here.

If you love to read the news, you might want to consider downloading all this app or if you are from a news company you might want to find a mobile app agency Malaysia to create an app for you. You can click here to know more mobile development Malaysia or click view more mobile app development companies malaysia. If you click here you also can view more online marketing social media Malaysia.