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Picking A Place To Rent: Student’s Edition

Your education is your main priority. Being a student– whether college or university level– requires making tough choices and informed decisions that can enhance your educational experience, not only regarding your schooling, but other aspects contributing to your experience as a scholar. Looking for a home for the next 4 years is a careful process with many aspects to think of before making your final decision. We aim to help you make the best decision for you by highlighting a few of the considerations to think of before finally deciding where you are going to station yourself, whether it’s for a year or for the entire duration of your education. 

1.     The location of your school

It is best if the places you are looking into are as close to the university or college as possible. As a student you have to  consider the options of getting you to your university or college in Damansara Jaya. For example, if you are a student enrolled at Kollege Damansara Utama (KDU) then living close to it will make time management and transportation manageable. 

2.     Proximity of shopping malls

Being a student is not just about education. It is an experience that grows you as an entire individual, so remember that while your studies are important, you should also have fun with your schooling experiences. Check out places you can go to lunch, or hang-out spots for you and your friends. Are these places close by or further away from your area of residence– movie theaters, bowling alleys, retail stores? Look into the grocery stores, as well, if you are going to be cooking for yourself, as well as places that sell cleaning products, health products and others that you may need.

Damansara Jaya

3.     Police services and hospitals

Public services are another thing to look into. Students often become participative in sport and other activities that can likely cause injury. Having an affordable hospital close by works in your favour. It is also advantageous if you are an international student on an insurance plan with your university. Look at the list of hospitals that are supported by your university health insurance. If the hospital is not close, at least understand the transport route to it. Police services are another one to look into. Again, for international students mainly– as a foreigner in the country who may not understand all the laws or experience difficulties assimilating into your community, the police can be helpful.

4.     Rent and transport access

Of course, rent is a crucial component of house or apartment-hunting. What is your budget and can you afford it? Are you sharing an apartment or are you considering staying with a friend? Make sure the area you move into is one you can surely afford to avoid any future payment troubles. Transport systems are a must to understand. For instance Damansara Jaya boasts an easy and cheap transport system that can get you to different places if you have friends who live in other places.