The Indoor Palms For Your Personal Space

The Indoor Palms For Your Personal Space

Are you a palm trees lover? May I know on which palm tree are you in love with? Is it the palm oil trees in FELDA? Dude, you got some exotic taste there! Or perhaps you’re eyeing for the latest BAJAKU product for your plantation? Well, whatever it is, I am not here to judge you as you can love whatever you want. I am here simply to tell you about the indoor types of plant trees which you can usually see I someone’s house, office, balcony or even in the hotel!

The first on the list is the cascade palm. It is pretty different from other species of palms due to its feature which do not include a central trunk. It looks like a full palms thanks to the lots of leaves which grow from its clump. In the original habitat, this type of palm usually find its way to live along low wetlands such as rivers and streams. With that being said, it is important that good irrigation plan to be supplied at home or wherever you plant to grow it. It also enjoys the shade and the dim environment.

The second species would be the parlor palm. It enjoys the presence of medium indoor light, or you can even go for the artificial light. The temperature must be average as well. It needs no pruning, nothing other than the usual branch tidying. If it is too dry, insects such as spider mites will usually comes uninvited. Thus, it is important to keep it humid constantly.

The last but not least is the ponytail palm. It has fronds shaped just like pony tails and it has a short and sturdy features for its trunk. The swollen trunk might as well act as a reservoir to the plant.

In conclusion, there are plenty of indoor palms out there which you have yet to discover and are waiting for you to do just that. Dig deeper into these species and let your love for these plants grow!