Things That You Can Do Using Google

As we know that Google is a famous search engine that almost everyone uses. Using the Google search engine, we also can play the game and do many things that we never expect that Google can do. If you like to know more about those cool things, let’s keep reading.

Many people use google translate to translate from one language to another language. Even though google translate is not so accurate but it is getting better day by day. There are about 108 languages that are supported in Google Translate and it is better for you to only use a short sentence to translate because if you translate a long sentence, the translation might not be accurate at all.

Things That You Can Do Using Google
Pronounce Big Number
Sometimes, it is hard for us to read the digit number if it is too long so if you do not know how to pronounce it, you can ask for google help. The step is so easy: just put the digit that you do not know how to pronounce, then add an equal (=) with the language that you want google to pronounce.

For example: 199 = English
Result: One hundred and ninety-nine

Google also has calculator features. If you are using a computer or a new phone but are not familiar with the technology but want to use the calculator at the moment just go to google and search for the google calculator. Google calculator also has a scientific calculator, so if you want to calculate difficult things, you can use it.

Generate Graph
You also can easily create mathematical graphs. Sometimes we want to see a graph in a short time or do not have graph paper so it is quite hard to use a normal paper so we can easily see the result by generating it using google.

Calculate Time Fibre for Waiter
Thinking to give waiter tips but feel difficult to calculate the tips? Worry less because google will help you to calculate it. You can type a tip calculator on google search engine and it will show you a three-column which is for the bill, number of the person, and tips percentage.

Google Timer
Need a timer? Worry less because google has it! Sometimes you need a timer to set a presentation time so just open the search engine and set the timer.

Check Weather Forecast
Want to know about the weather for today? You can check using google too. Not only tell you about the weather forecast but it also tells you about the temperature, wind speed, and precipitation.

There are many more other things Google can do. If you want to know more about it you need to have a good internet connection. You also can try to use time fiber but first, you need to check time coverage Malaysia. If you want to know about the time coverage at your place just type
Time fibre on google and pretty sure it will show you the accurate result. Go and apply time internet Malaysia now.