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Unifi Internet Usages for the Best results for You

It should also be noted that, for internet boxes including a TV package, the conditions for viewing television via its box also depend on this speed. Thus, a poorly efficient bit rate can lead to jerky images or even the inability to watch the programs. Visit unifi internet for the best results.

unifi internet

Download: an English term used by operators

Download means download, in English. It is therefore the speed at which data is received towards its computer or other connected device. As mentioned, the speed of data reception therefore proves to be an essential parameter, which can in particular influence the decision of consumers when choosing their internet box. While some Internet service providers generally display a theoretical maximum speed, others, such as Orange, nevertheless offer a guaranteed minimum speed. Paying attention to this detail can therefore help avoid unpleasant surprises.

The upload or upward flow: what use?

When a throughput test is performed on an internet connection, a second parameter is measured. In addition to the downstream speed, i is thus possible to see the quality of the upward speed, or upward, of its internet box. The upward speed corresponds to the speed obtained in the context of sending data from his computer. As for the download , the operators regularly use the English term of upload to evoke this up flow.

Concretely, the upward flow is useful in various cases such as:

  • sending files to platforms like Dropbox, for example, which allow online storage
  • sending an attachment via email, or a file via social networks

It is in fact the upward flow that determines the speed of the transfers mentioned above. This setting is therefore particularly interesting for people who have to send a lot of files on the Internet. A user who uploads large files, such as videos on Youtube for example, absolutely needs a good upstream flow.

unifi internet

What is ping , also known as response time?

During a speed test, a third and last parameter is measured: the ping, also called response time in French. In fact, this is the travel time, round trip, of a request sent from his computer to the server. A high ping therefore corresponds to a high latency time.