Ways to Make Money Online!

Are you currently out of a job? Or your jobs are not paying you enough? Are you a student that is trying to reach ends meet while paying tuition fees? Whatever economic issue you may have might feel like it is the end, but with the right decisions.

But if you have any spare time under your belt, why not consider these easy ways to earn some extra bucks down the line? So here are the top ways you could earn some cash online.

Online Surveys

For students, doing online surveys might be a rather popular way to earn extra cash online. Many research companies are always in the pursuit of looking for more people to answer questions and test new products to see what they think. 

A survey could let someone earn about 3 to 4 Dollars per survey

Selling unwanted Items

As the popularity of online shopping increases, there have become more and more people willing to buy new and used items online through various classifieds platforms like Ebay and even on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

So if you have a spare jacket lying around that you don’t need and is in good condition, why not sell it?

The amount of money you can earn really depends on the value of the item you are selling.


With platforms like Twitch and ability to go live on various platforms, streaming content has really taken the internet by storm.

People can stream various things, maybe they can stream themselves walking around in a sort of a live vlog, or even board games like Dungeons and Dragons, but the main seller is streaming video games.

Streaming can potentially help one make loads of money depending on the quality of the content and maybe their skills and personality as viewers can choose the amount they would like to donate to them.

So if you like gaming and commentary, then good news because now you can get paid for it!

Turn your car into an Ad

Some companies are willing to pay drivers to place stickers on their cars and drive around. There will be a set distance that you will have to drive all recorded on GPS. There are contracts which the driver will need to have the stickers for maybe a year, after which they are removed.

You can find a lot of ride-sharing drivers doing this.

Selling Photos

If you got a knack for photography and you feel that you are pretty good at it, why not try and use that talent to earn cash by selling photos online as stock images?

After taking photos, and editing them to make them more pretty, you can join a variety of sites like iStock or Dreamstime and start selling. 

The amount of cash earned comes down to how many people purchase you photos.

Start Up a YouTube career

It’s no mystery that YouTube can bring in the big bucks when creating content, so if you are inspired by something to the point where you want to make a channel about it, then why not give it a try? 

As long as you follow the new guidelines of YouTube, you can be sure to earn some money from it! Perhaps you can even earns some sponsors who will pay you to promote their product on some of their videos!

Online Gambling

If you are feeling a bit lucky, why not go for some online gambling? You can earns 100s and even 1000s if you place the right bets. You can access legal online gambling through online gambling sites V3 Casino.

But remember, you are taking a big risk! So be cautious! You can also opt for risk-free gambling, just to play it safe.

So those are some of the ways you can try to earn money on the sidelines.