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        Let me welcome you with a short history of tshirts. The idea of the T-shirt came to the United States during World War I when US soldiers noticed the light cotton undershirts European soldiers were using while the US soldiers sweated in their wool uniforms. Since they were so much more comfortable they quickly became popular among the Americans, and because of their design they got the name T-shirt.

        What became the modern t shirt was developed in 1932 when officials from the University of Southern California Trojans football team (often credited to coach Howard Jones) asked Jockey International, Inc. to develop an inexpensive undergarment to absorb sweat and prevent a football player’s shoulder pads from causing chafing. This resulted in the invention of the crewneck (or crew-neck) T-shirt. The shirts proved so popular that students started stealing them from the athletes and the athletic department reacted by stenciling “Property of USC” on each shirt, inadvertently making them even more popular.

        T-shirts were originally worn as undershirts. This still occurs, but T-shirts are now also frequently worn as the only piece of clothing on the top half of the body (other than possibly a bra). T-shirts have also become a medium for self-expression and advertising, with any imaginable combination of words, art and even photographs on display.

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