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Plant Aesthetics Vs Neon Aesthetics

The philosophical study of beauty and perception.  It is something related to the philosophy of art, where art is nature and is depicted and evaluated by artists representing art. Aesthetic is basically an art design that has pleasing qualities. Factors and elements such as pattern, color, scale, shape, and visual weight are involved in designing aesthetics. Designers utilize aesthetics to complement their designs’ ease of use, and so improve usefulness with alluring layouts. Aesthetics are all about the feel of comfort, satisfaction, and art with their work.

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These days, aesthetics has grown expeditiously into a wide spectrum. Anything that brings comfort and a feeling of fulfillment are aesthetic. It doesn’t have to be pleasant as long as the aesthetic is pleasing to you. Aesthetics have evolved the same way as networking marketing evolved into MLM software. Aesthetic has also influenced the fashion and interior designs of a home or room and has even become a lifestyle for certain people. As long as the person that is adapting a certain aesthetic is happy with the aesthetic, they are very good to go. 

Aesthetics is not just based on one perception or design, it can be a combination between two aesthetics, but the thing about this is that if the mix match did not go well, things can go wrong. Usually, when you mix aesthetics, your combination must include matching color pallets or color pallets that go along, designs and imagery that have similarities in both aesthetic genres and elements that bring both combinations together.

But what if you are confused with a certain aesthetic that has major differences with style elements, the color Like plant aesthetic and neon aesthetic? Both have their own color palette, for example, plant aesthetic has green, white, brown, and more subtle pastel colors. Neon aesthetic on the other hand revolves in darkness and any colors but in lights and brightness. Plant aesthetics involves plants, flowers, leaves, shadows, pots, sunlight, and the sky. Neon aesthetics requires city lights in the night, lights in the darkness, and colorful lights.

So which aesthetic will suit you? Plant aesthetics is more for a morning person that loves the sunlight and the fresh air from the plants. It complements the introverts and adores the quietness that came from those. The bright sunlight shows peace-minded and the plants and flowers represent fresh and good air to the surroundings. 

 Neon aesthetics has more of a grunge mix night city vibe, it has the extrovert and introvert effects on it. The loud and bright colors in the darkness demonstrate the state of mind of happiness in the darkness. The colors can represent a person’s character while there are no components or objects to represent the neon aesthetic other than lights.

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