The Rise Of Glass Partitions For Homes and Offices

When humans built their first home, it was made purely out of wood and thatch with windows on some of their walls or no windows at all. Although small and primitive, it provided whatever a home can give, warmth and shelter. But now, houses are becoming more complicated, taller and demanding than before. With the advancement of technology, the standard of a house to be considered “liveable” has risen as technology has provided major quality of life changes to perform mundane tasks faster. In recent years, glass is becoming more used in both commercial and residential buildings. This is due to glass becoming more accessible and cheaper than wood while making an otherwise dark room brighter and warmer. 

Aside from making glass into windows, some commercial and residential buildings use glass to create sophisticated, simple and cost-effective designs to improve their interior’s design. This is what is known as a glass partition and it is widely used in almost everything we see today. Although it is most commonly used by offices to create a cube glass for meetings, glass partitions are used to make residential buildings more luxurious and sophisticated. Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands hotel is one of the few examples of using glass partitions to provide a sense of luxury when they create their Infinity Pool on their rooftop, giving an illusion of swimming in a pool of infinite water while being held back by unnoticeable glass walls. Other than looking good, glass partitions can enhance a shop’s image by making it look more futuristic or modernized while acting as a wall to prevent children from endangering themselves.

Glass Network Sdn Bhd offers one of the best glass office partitions malaysia residential and commercial buildings would definitely love to hire to design their offices and homes. They also specialized in making frameless glass design to create transparent walls which is a popular trend among glass partition companies recently. Other than offices, glass partitions offer a sense of sophistication to restaurants and houses. Take Iketeru from Hilton Hotel for example, who used glass partitions to separate their private seats from others. Despite having a cracked glass design, the glass walls are reinforced to ensure that they don’t start collapsing unexpectedly while providing a sense of luxury to whoever is dining in that room. 

Other than offering a see-through wall, glass partitions have helped houses and offices to feel more welcoming, brighter and warmer. Glass partitions can also be cost effective as you can pay to make glass rooms instead of wood to reduce the cost of installing necessary equipment while allowing natural light to shine through your glass-encased rooms. Additionally, it can also work as a soundproof room for offices to help other workers in the office focus on their work without hearing the clackings of multiple keyboards. As more high rise buildings are being built, more glass is used to make these buildings more appealing to the general public. 

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